B. Thomas

About B. Thomas

I am a retired high school Art teacher with a passion for photography and travel, which I think goes well with the art. I've never had any official photography training and am just self-taught, so of course, still learning. Landscape, scenery, wildlife and pets are my favorite subjects.

Since I finally left film and came over to what I once thought of as the "dark side" - digital, I am thrilled to have my own photo lab right on my computer. Throw in a little Photoshop, and wow! I can get lost in my photos (and looking at those of other people also) for hours at a time. Now that is almost as much fun as actually taking the pictures!

Photography Equipment

Nikon D5500
Panasonic Lumix DMC-T56
iPhone 6S - just for fun

Several Pentax and Minolta MAXXUM film cameras gathering dust

Also a small collection of very old but still working cameras including my late mother's Buster Brown box camera. I think I got my love of photography from looking at those old photographs as a child.

Apple Mac computers and Photoshop