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L'Angevine on Clifton Firehouse

Devi on Barred Owl
wonderful image and the information !! How much they must be loving these fauna !

Hiro on Barred Owl
Very impressive faces !

Shaun on Barred Owl
I think the people who look after these birds, and all other animals that need help do a wonderful job, and are very ...

jpla on Barred Owl
Qu'elle est belle cette chouette ! JP

Harry on Clifton Firehouse
fine mural of these first reaponders - real life superheros

Steven on Clifton Firehouse
An excellent mural with beautiful colors!! The firemen are almost life-like.

omid on Clifton Firehouse
Lovely street art!

Steve Rice on Clifton Firehouse
A lovely capture of this wall art.

Nicou on Clifton Firehouse
Sueprbe ce dessin de pompiers tout en largeur quelle vue et iamge amitié

Don on Clifton Firehouse
The mural is very appropriate for the kind of place it is. A fine shot.

Ruthiebear on Clifton Firehouse
A stunning image of this incredible mural

L'Angevine on The Chase
il ne sait pas la différence!!!lol

Shaun on Clifton Firehouse
A superb image of this mural.

Mhelene on Clifton Firehouse
Superb capture of the mural . Great tribute .

Hiro on Clifton Firehouse
They look great !!

Temps de pose on Clifton Firehouse
Beautiful wall

Martine Libouton on Clifton Firehouse
Un magnifique street art

jpla on Clifton Firehouse
C'est un bel hommage que l'on rend aux pompiers JP

Phil Morris on Clifton Firehouse
Great graffiti, giving the illusion of what goes on behind those walls, superb !!~

Phil Morris on Clifton Firehouse
Great graffiti, giving the illusion of what goes on behind those walls, superb !!~

Jypyä Pop on Clifton Firehouse
It is very stunning.

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Clifton Firehouse
Bel hommage aux soldats du feu.

ursulakatariina on Clifton Firehouse
Wow, that is beautiful!

Devi on Clifton Firehouse
Excellent capture of these murals !!!!

Jypyä Pop on The Chase
The cat certainly does not understand why it should not eat squirrels. It looks very astonished.

Irene on The Chase
Adorable image ! Happy ST !

Steven on The Chase
Obviously the squirrel has taken over Nacho's domain! Great story line behind this shot as the squirrel remains ...

ursulakatariina on Raptor
Wow, great shot and what a beautiful bird!

ursulakatariina on The Chase
Cool shot! Lovely animals.

Steve Rice on The Chase
The squirrels are such pesky critters. Our Portia tries her best to catch them in the backyard. The outcome is always ...

Devi on The Chase
What a clever squirrel !!! Poor cat !!!

Ruthiebear on The Chase
Happy ST!

L'Angevine on Raptor
superbe l'oeil et le bec

Shaun on The Chase
Well at least the cat is aware of the fox that might be around. Excellent image.

beach on The Chase
"Ha," scoffed kitty and squirrel. "There are no foxes here."

Hiro on The Chase
Excellent Tuesday shot !!

Temps de pose on The Chase
The hunting is also open for the cats which try to catch birds or squirrels. Fortunately the latter are very cunning ...

Steven on Raptor
Another great capture!! Here it actually looks like the eagle is listening to him. :-)

Steve Rice on Raptor
I saw one of these beauties in flight yesterday. It's so good the injured birds are being cared for.

Curly on Raptor
Another excellent shot, well done!

Temps de pose on Raptor
Beautiful double portrait. I love this bird

Mhelene on Raptor
Superb portrait of both them together .

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Raptor
They show great confidence. I love this image

L'Angevine on Bald Eagle
bel aigle

Shaun on Raptor
You can just see affection with the man and bird. Excellent image. 5*

Hiro on Raptor
Great shot !!

Devi on Raptor
aw..the eagle seems to be listening to him!!! What a lovely image here !

jean pierre a on Raptor
superbe photo! amitiés

Wayra on Raptor
What are they talking about?

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