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Elaine Hancock on Rocky's Feather
He looks happy again! Such a beautiful fellow!

Steve Rice on Rocky's Feather
They do know how to make you feel guilty . . . and how to get their way. Our four legged friends are all the same in ...

tataray on Rocky's Feather
Joyeux mardi superbe !...

Steven on Rocky's Feather
Rocky won't let that out of his sight (or mouth) for a while now! :-) Happy ST!

omid on Evening Visitor
so cute! L O V E L Y !!!!

omid on Rocky's Feather
:) Lovely!

sherri on Horse With A View
so aptly named

sherri on Evening Visitor
oh, how pretty

sherri on Rocky's Feather
awh, this is so precious

Nina on Rocky's Feather
fabulous picture!

Ruthiebear on Rocky's Feather
Happy ST. He looks like he just finished off a bird.

beach on Rocky's Feather
I was thinking, "He ate the whole thing. All that's left is a feather."

Hiro on Rocky's Feather
Happy ST !

Anita on Bogie
Lucky doggie.

Anita on Evening Visitor
Nice portrait.

Anita on Rocky's Feather
This photo makes me smile. It is interesting how cats resent our being away and take a bit of time to forgive us.

existenceartistique on Rocky's Feather

Mhelene on Rocky's Feather
:-)...Superb portrait ! Happy ST !

Devi on Rocky's Feather
How sweet ! May be this is what we mean when we say "smooth some one's ruffled feathers",,ha ha ha ...

Shaun on Rocky's Feather
He is holding on to his gift. Another great look at Rocky.

Libouton Martine on Rocky's Feather
Hahaha trop belle ta photo

Ralf Kesper on Rocky's Feather
Very cute cat! :)

Ana Lúcia on Rocky's Feather

Ana Lúcia on Evening Visitor
A beauty.

By Marie on Rocky's Feather
If I lived in your area, I would come and stop stroking Rocky. I'm in love with your cats Barbara, they are so ...

Elaine Hancock on Evening Visitor
She is beautiful! A wonderful image!

Steven on Evening Visitor
A great profile view of this doe with nice clarity!!

Steve Rice on Evening Visitor
She is a beauty. A lovely portrait.

Lewis on Horse With A View
Cool shot with the crow included.

Lewis on Evening Visitor
A little sweetheart!

Devi on Evening Visitor
How lovely may be he wanted you to take a nice picture of him !

Sam on Evening Visitor
Wow. So beautiful. Love this. :)

Ruthiebear on Evening Visitor
Oh how precious!

Hiro on Evening Visitor
lovely visitor

Shaun on Evening Visitor
This really is a superb image. Very well photographed. 5*

beach on Evening Visitor
Very attentive.

Libouton Martine on Evening Visitor
Une belle prise

Marjolein on Evening Visitor
What a fine/lovely moment

yoshimiparis on Evening Visitor
I like the look of this animal ... free

Ralf Kesper on Evening Visitor
Very nice capture.

Ton cœur adoré on Evening Visitor

Ronnie 2¢ on Evening Visitor
What a lovely moment this must have been . . and it makes a touching image.

By Marie on Evening Visitor
Magnificent capture Barbara. I love deer and other animals freedom

Elaine Hancock on Horse With A View
He has a gorgeous view! A lovely image!

Existence Artistique on Horse With A View

Shaun on Horse With A View
And what a great view the horse has. Excellent image.

Steve Rice on Horse With A View
A beautiful shot of the bird, horse, and mountain.

Devi on Horse With A View
a very healthy horse...I wonder if he can run fast !! And a lovelier view :)

Marcel P. on Horse With A View
Tout va bien ! dit-il.

Mhelene on Horse With A View
Superb composition .

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