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Don on Raindrops
A fine picture. Expertly taken.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Raindrops
Good news celebrated with a good picture.

Hiro on Raindrops
Beautiful raindrops !

Devi on Raindrops
Aw!! Fabulous capture !! The hanging jewels !!! Have a lovely weekend B :)))))))))))))))))

Shaun on Raindrops
Excellent capture of the droplets.

grouser on Raindrops
are you telling me those droplets have been there a week! :)

Anita on Bubbles
A celebration of rain.

By Marie on Raindrops
I like very much this necklace of drops suspended from the branch

tataray on Raindrops
Vive la pluie. . .

jpla on Raindrops
Jolies gouttelettes JP

Jypyä Pop on Raindrops
I agree. Rain after the hot weather is a wonderful thing.

Michael Skorulski on Raindrops
The droplets are lovely.

By Marie on Bubbles
Beautiful details and process

Shaun on Bubbles
A very nice image. Great capture of the water in B/W.

grouser on Bubbles
Incredible and other worldly

Don on Bubbles
Good eye to notice the possibility of a picture using an ordinary event. Nice shot.

Joyce on Bubbles
A bit like a crocodile close up. Sorry, funny mood today. Too much ongoing smoke laying on us makes fussy grey ...

Devi on Bubbles
Lovely favourite images !! A superb capture !

yoshimiparis on Bubbles
bear, soap ?

rbassin on Bubbles
belle macro

Hiro on Bubbles
You have excellent eyes !!

beach on Bubbles
Good one. I like the b/w.

Mhelene on Bubbles
Superb bubbles ' panorama !

Martine Libouton on Bubbles
Un beau détail !

Michael Skorulski on Bubbles
A cool idea and an effective photo.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Bubbles
Finally it rained. Good news.

jpla on Bubbles
Excellent JP

Dimitrios on Bubbles

Jypyä Pop on Bubbles
Succesful detail. Great.

badtgv on Bubbles

Nicou on Bubbles
Quelle bulle et rendu mousse superbe. Belle journée

sherri on Do Not Disturb
you would think people would know that : - )

beach on Do Not Disturb
Great one. Reminds me of Yogi and Boo Boo stealing pies.

Willem on Do Not Disturb
A fun and hilarious photo.

Steven on Do Not Disturb
An odd message in an unusual place! It looks like his honey was taken away. :-)

Don on Do Not Disturb
He looks funny even if the mesage of the card is seriious.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Do Not Disturb
Ha ha. M. Skorulski are right.

Lewis on Bird Watching
Lol bluff and fluff, I like the movement in his tail.

Lewis on Do Not Disturb
A friendly way of asking, I like how it sits there )

Devi on Do Not Disturb
:))) Do I love the message or his expression ? Ha ha ha ! Love this :) He looks amused !

Mhelene on Do Not Disturb
Great framing . I try not to disturb Wildlife !

Shaun on Do Not Disturb
I love the statue. The message is right.

Hiro on Do Not Disturb
Haha, OK, I'll never !

Martine Libouton on Do Not Disturb
Très bien vu

badtgv on Do Not Disturb

Nicou on Do Not Disturb
Cet ours est en pleine méditation quelle image sueprbe. amitié

Jypyä Pop on Do Not Disturb
Okay, we di not want do it. Have a nice day.

Michael Skorulski on Do Not Disturb
A humorous image with a serious message.

Michael Rawluk on Bird Watching
Very nice.

sherri on Bird Watching
he is so pretty !

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