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Steve Rice on Longs Peak
A splendid shot of the snow covered mountain.

Ruthiebear on Longs Peak
Beautifully composed landscape!

Existence Artistique on Longs Peak

Anita on Colors
Nice! I like the colorful simplicity of this image.

Anita on Where Do Elk Shop?

Anita on Hallett Peak Reflection
Excellent reflection.

Anita on Longs Peak
Picture perfect! Lovely. Makes me want to be there.

Martine Libouton on Longs Peak
C'est magnifique !

By Marie on Longs Peak
Really a beautiful mountain scape

Ronnie 2¢ on Longs Peak
Ah, the pull of distant horizons . .

tataray on Longs Peak
Magnifique point de vue. )

Jypyä Pop on Longs Peak
Fine scenery. Thanks also for your explanation. It adds to the picture's attractiveness.

Darkelf Photography on Hallett Peak Reflection
This is just so beautiful a scene. Perfectly composed with wonderful tones and detail.

Harry on Hallett Peak Reflection
Beautiful landscape. The half-and-half composition works well.

Anita B. on Hallett Peak Reflection
La montagne se mire dans l'eau. Superbe prise !

omid on Hallett Peak Reflection
such beautiful composition, colors & reflections! Lovely view!

Lewis on Where Do Elk Shop?
Safeway is the only way. :)

Lewis on Copeland Lake
Lovely colours amongst the evergreens.

Lewis on Hallett Peak Reflection
Great reflections of mountaintop and trees

Steve Rice on Hallett Peak Reflection
Wow, a gorgeous image! Love it.

Adela Fonts on Hallett Peak Reflection
A real mirror! The lakes are magnificent to reflect their surroundings. An image of extraordinary beauty.

Steven on Hallett Peak Reflection
Stunning view with great depth in the reflection!! I love the small band of steam rising off the water.

Existence Artistique on Hallett Peak Reflection
belle prise

Jypyä Pop on Hallett Peak Reflection
Fantastic view

Hiro on Hallett Peak Reflection
Really beautiful reflection !!

Martine Libouton on Hallett Peak Reflection
Superbe miroir !

By Marie on Hallett Peak Reflection
Perfect mountain shot. I love blue and reflection in the water

Steven on Copeland Lake
Gorgeous mirror-like reflections!!

Steve Rice on Copeland Lake
Love those reflections!

Irene on Copeland Lake
Gorgeous ! Fabulous reflection !

Irene on Where Do Elk Shop?
Happy ST !

Ruthiebear on Copeland Lake
I like the reflection. You have really captured the cod feeling

omid on Copeland Lake
such beautiful composition, colors, reflections & atmosphere! Lovely!

grouser on Copeland Lake
made me shiver :)

Existence Artistique on Copeland Lake

Martine Libouton on Copeland Lake
Très belle prise!

Mhelene on Copeland Lake
Splendid image !

Denny Jump on Copeland Lake
Beautiful scene, Barbara - I love the hint of fog...Great image here ;-)

Jypyä Pop on Copeland Lake
So it is. the winter is almost too close... Beautiful view.

By Marie on Copeland Lake
An attractive landscape which the snow slowly sprinkled. It is very beautiful with reflections on the lake

Harry on Where Do Elk Shop?
where ever they want to

Steven on Where Do Elk Shop?
Dining at Subway could be a challenge!! Happy ST!

Steve Rice on Where Do Elk Shop?
Ha ha, that's funny!

Sam on Where Do Elk Shop?
What a beautiful shot. Happy ST. :)

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Where Do Elk Shop?
:) in a better place impossible, right? This has made me smile. Thanks. Now, please, indulge me for a second. ...

Ruthiebear on Where Do Elk Shop?
HAHA! Happy ST!

omid on Where Do Elk Shop?
:)) Amazing!

Devi on Where Do Elk Shop?
:))) Heading towards the Elk Supermarket close by :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Hiro on Where Do Elk Shop?
Nice Tuesday shot !

Mhelene on Where Do Elk Shop?
:-) He could try Subway to choose his food ...! Superb capture in town !

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