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Existence Artistique on Blue Jay

Devi on Blue Jay
Looks beautiful...lovely framing !

By Marie on Blue Jay
Blue jay is one of my favorite bird.

Steve Rice on Bass Performance Hall
A beautiful image of this grand concert hall.

franz on Bass Performance Hall
Impressive facade, and a wonderful night image!

Adela Fonts on Bass Performance Hall

Ronnie 2¢ on Bass Performance Hall
wow . . that really is an effective piece of design !

Steven on Bass Performance Hall
Excellent nighttime capture of this beautiful Hall which emphasizes the bas relief detail of the angels perfectly!!

Devi on Bass Performance Hall
beautiful building...relief sculptures and light !!!!

Existence Artistique on Bass Performance Hall

Lewis on Bass Performance Hall
A marvelous 2d mural!

Lewis on Afternoon Light
The warm light is very nice.

Lewis on Misty Morning
Gorgeous light!

Lewis on Half Dome From Glacier Point
A beautiful foreground too!

franz on Afternoon Light
A scene of beauty and tranquility!

Steve Rice on Afternoon Light
Beautiful horses bathed in this warm, sweet light.

Maria Beristain on Misty Morning

Mhelene on Afternoon Light
Very beautiful .

Existence Artistique on Afternoon Light

By Marie on Afternoon Light
Just superb this golden light on the horses

Darkelf Photography on Misty Morning
Beautiful light.

sherri on Misty Morning
so beautifully backlit and yes, that mist is a gorgeous element

Steve Rice on Misty Morning
I feel a chill in the air even with the sunshine. Beautiful.

Existence Artistique on Misty Morning

franz on Misty Morning
Excellent use of light and backlight to achieve a charming effect!

Steven on Misty Morning
Glorious light with nice crepuscular rays!!

Dimitrios on Misty Morning

Hiro on Misty Morning
I like the softness.

Martine Libouton on Misty Morning

Marjolein on Misty Morning
Lovely this misty view

Michael Skorulski on Misty Morning
A lovely gentle atmosphere.

By Marie on Misty Morning
Lovely misty landscape. Poetic and really beautiful

Darkelf Photography on Half Dome From Glacier Point
Glorious view, especially as it is framed here with the plants in the foreground.

Steven on Half Dome From Glacier Point
Awesome view that is composed perfectly with the foliage in the foreground!! It helps add a "base" or ...

omid on Half Dome From Glacier Point
very nice shot! wonderful view.

Steve Rice on Half Dome From Glacier Point
A beautiful image from front to back. A wonderful series that I've enjoyed a lot.

Rick on Half Dome From Glacier Point
A tremendous majestic beauty infuses this grand view. Fabulous shot !

Ruthiebear on Half Dome From Glacier Point
A majestic view!

Mhelene on Half Dome From Glacier Point
Wow...Splendid ! And you are very high ...!

Don on Half Dome From Glacier Point
I like the local growing things as a lead in for the framous mountain. A very successful picture.

Anita on Half Dome From Glacier Point

tataray on Half Dome From Glacier Point
Beau ..... point de vue.)

Martine Libouton on Half Dome From Glacier Point
Un très beau paysage !

Existence Artistique on Half Dome From Glacier Point

franz on Half Dome From Glacier Point
Wonderful foreground in this iconic view!

Hiro on Half Dome From Glacier Point
Great view !! Wonderful Yosemite !

Ronnie 2¢ on Half Dome From Glacier Point
How small this makes us feel . . .

Michael Skorulski on Half Dome From Glacier Point
A delightful composition with a splendid sky.

Nicou on Half Dome From Glacier Point
Quel ciel doux et tracé et cette forme de montagne cet arbre et les fleurs blanches superbe. amitié

Jypyä Pop on Half Dome From Glacier Point
There are winds of room to romp.

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